Pay Equity Dashboard

The County of Santa Clara employs a diverse workforce, with a commitment to valuing that diversity through fair representation and treatment of all groups. In March of 2017, the Board adopted revisions to Board Policy 3.7 on Workforce Diversity, to affirm the County’s commitment to providing equal opportunity for all individuals to be hired or promoted by the County and to be paid equitably by the County. Since then, County Administration has been coordinating a body of work focused on pay equity in the County workforce, including the publishing of this interactive dashboard. A workgroup comprised of staff from Employee Services Agency (ESA), County Counsel, the Equal Opportunity Department (EOD), and the Office of Women’s Policy (OWP) has convened to provide information and analysis relating to how the County is doing as an employer relative to pay equity.


  • ESA provided anonymized data on 16,944 full- and part-time County of Santa Clara employees as of November 30, 2021 (self-reported demographics, hourly rate, job classification and category, etc.).
  • Within the dataset, full-time (40 hours per week) working women earned 98.8 percent of their full-time male counterparts, a 1.2 percent pay gap, compared to the 2018 national gender pay gap of 18.9 percent.
  • However, the wage gap varies significantly depending on other factors.  Women of some racial/ethnic backgrounds earn more than men while others earn less, and women in certain age groups earn more per hour than men while men earn more in others.
  • There is evidence of “job sorting,” or occupational segregation. For example, women are more likely to hold Administrative Support roles than Service Maintenance.
Utilize the below dashboard to explore more. You can select the arrow in the bottom right corner to open the dashboard in full-screen mode, or utilize the "focus mode" icon in the top right corner of each section to focus in on that particular chart. To be updated annually, this information will help the County to develop and implement a Pay Equity Strategic Plan and monitor our progress toward pay equity for all.
The first page of this interactive dashboard displays average hourly rate information for County of Santa Clara employees by demographic and job category groups. Select a data point above to see the average hourly rate earned for men and women within that category. For example, selecting the job category “Professionals” will show the average hourly rate for male and female employees holding “Professional” positions, and selecting “Asian” from the race/ethnicity category will show the average hourly rate for male and female employees who identify as Asian. Please note that for the purposes of this analysis, job classifications with less than 10 individuals were excluded to safeguard anonymity. Additionally, the categories for age group will not change when you select a specific job classification in order to prevent further narrowing to the individual level.  
The second page of the dashboard displays overall demographic information for County employees by job category and self-reported gender, race/ethnicity, and age. 
The information is based on available data as of November 30, 2021.