Children's Budget Fiscal Year 2021-22: An Investment in Children's Well-Being

The County of Santa Clara is pleased to present its Children's Budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021-22 of all youth-oriented programs and services.  We are providing this budget to inform our residents of the vast array of services the County offers to support our children and youth.  In collaboration with community partners, the Children's Budget shows programs across the entire County that emphasize supporting the needs of our youth through four general categories of children's well-being:
  • Every Child Safe
  • Every Child Healthy
  • Every Child Successful in Learning
  • Every Child Successful in Life
It is impossible to talk about the overall budget situation without acknowledging the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Many County departments had to plan and implement procedures to continue to provide services to the community in safe manner or otherwise adjust to the pandemic.  Despite the impact of the pandemic, the FY 2021-2022 Children's Budget included some exciting new developments related to children, youth, and families including funding for the following:
  • The Office of Children and Family Policy - This new office will support and strengthen early interventions and preventative practices; work to ensure a "no wrong door" approach to meeting the social, emotional, and physical needs of children and youth; partner with other County departments to improve outcomes for children and families, using data and evidence-based strategies; and enhance and complement programs, services, and initiatives. 
  • The Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Facility/Behavioral Health Services Center - A $20 million ongoing investment to pay for debt services required to build the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Facility to be located at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center at Bascom Avenue in San Jose.
  • The Children's Advocacy Center - A comprehensive and trauma-informed  services center for child victims of sexual assault and physical abuse.
  • The Children and Adolescent Center of Excellence - Children and their families often struggle to obtain timely diagnosis and access to services within the County.  The Center of Excellence aims to provide the coordinated care and will include medical clinic, the Supporting, Protecting, and Respecting Kids (SPARK) clinic, and Pediatric Diagnostic and Specialty Center (PDSC).
Based on the FY 2021-22 Adopted Budget, the County will spend approximately $1.05 billion on Children, Youth, and Family Programs. The County will receive approximately $799.3 million in funding from state, federal, and other sources for Children, Youth, and Family Programs in FY 2021-22, yielding a net cost to the County of approximately $250.5 million. To put these numbers in context, the FY 2021-22 Adopted Budget authorizes spending of $9.20 billion, which means that approximately 11.4% of total County spending is for these types of programs.
Every child safe category reflects programs that address issues of food insecurity and hunger, children living in safe and stable families, and juvenile arrests.  The estimated spending for FY 2021-22 in this category is $612.3 million.
Every child healthy category comprises programs that address routine access to health care, healthy lifestyle, early social emotional development, an developmental assets.   The estimated spending for FY 2021-22 in this category is $412.5 million.
Every child successful in learning consists of programs that address school readiness, third grade reading proficiency, and middle school math proficiency.  The estimated spending for FY 2021-22 in this category is $15.4 million.
Every child successful in life entails programs that address high school graduation rates, children fluent in at least two languages, and youth feel valued by the community.  The estimated spending for FY 2021-22 in this category is $9.5 million.
For more information, visit FY 2021-22 Children's Budget.

Children's Budget for Fiscal Year 2021-2022