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“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.” - Albert Einstein

Fiscal Year 2022-23 Adopted Budget

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot. It has revealed the disparity in our social structure that leads to so many fundamental problems. It has demonstrated that the world is not prepared for many disasters. We have seen the first “political” public health crisis in history and the damage that polarized misinformation can cause. More hard lessons are in our future as the pandemic continues. However, in Santa Clara County, we have seen many positive and encouraging realities. While the County will continue to struggle with the impacts of the pandemic and the ongoing provision of COVID-19 related services in the coming year, it is vital to note the positive outcomes of all the cutting-edge actions we have taken to reduce the impact of the pandemic on the community we serve. Over the last two years, these actions had a very real impact - the County's actions have saved the lives of the people we love, and live next to, and work with. These are not just inspirational feelings or words, but real lives saved.
The FY 2022-23 Adopted Budget is presented with a sense of budding optimism and hope for the future. The pandemic has laid bare the extent to which the County touches the lives of all members of our community. Especially during the most difficult times over the last two years, County employees, in-home care providers, and our community partners continued to provide essential safety net services to those in need. Together, we continue to protect and ensure the community's right to participate in elections . . . guarantee accessible library resources . . . provide police, medical and fire services . . . maintain miles of expressways that travelers use every day . . . deliver care in our hospitals and clinics . . . help our community's poorest and most vulnerable with supportive housing . . . preserve birth, marriage, and death records . . . assist victims of crimes . . . safeguard the support services that keep people safe and at home when they can't care for themselves . . . deliver food and nutrition support for families, seniors, children . . . prevent disease and create healthy environments . . . offer behavioral health services . . . sustain regional parklands for enjoyment and inspiration . . . protect the agricultural industry . . . and so much more.
Now more than ever, it is an absolute necessity to infuse sustainability and resiliency into County operations and the services we provide to the community. We have done that by taking advantage of opportunities like critically needed federal COVID-19 relief funding. Among many initiatives that support a resilient workforce and operation, we have put in place a permanent disaster service worker team to support vaccination efforts. We have also rebuilt and reinforced our public health infrastructure. Addressing disparities and racism in our society and in our own County operations continues to demand our attention, and to that end we are incorporating principles of equity in policy and budget decisions across all County departments, including implementation of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity framework.
In the coming year, we will continue to play a critical role in the pandemic response along with focusing our attention on safety net services for our community. We cannot do this alone. We rely on our community partners to fulfill their roles as well, for the betterment of our community. Together we can set and achieve audacious goals, like the newly opened Vietnamese American Service Center (VASC) that is a model for integrated and accessible health and human services. Achieving audacious goals takes time, the commitment of all stakeholders, and careful implementation of resources. By doing so, we fulfill our commitments to the community and the people we serve.
The Adopted Budget provides the County with a responsible spending plan, structurally balanced within the resources available to the County, and provides a foundation to conduct budget hearings commencing June 13, 2022, that will conclude with adoption of the budget on June 16, 2022.  For more information, please visit FY 2022-23 Adopted Budget.
Below is an interactive dashboard where residents can view the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Adopted Budget Overview, Revenues, Expenditures and Positions.

Note: The categories for revenue type changed in the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Adopted Budget. The changes include the following: Property Taxes -Current Secured, Property Taxes-Current Unsecured, and Property Taxes - SB 813 were combined with Taxes - Current Property; and Homeowner's Property Tax Relief was combined with Aid from Government Agencies – State.  These changes were applied to all budget cycles presented in this dashboard. As a result, some of the data shown for the revenue types prior to the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Adopted Budget will not match the data shown in their respective printed version of the budget book.


For the FY 2022-23 budget, the County anticipates $10.3 billion in revenues.  Of these, the majority are within the Health and Hospital System (43%) and Finance and Government Operations (38%). 
*Revenue is the estimated amount of money the County earns and receives that can be used for the provisions of services.  It consists of residential and commercial property taxes, Federal and State aid, fees collected for services provided and other sources.


For the FY 2022-23 budget, the County anticipates $10.9 billion in net expenditures.  The majority of expenditures are in the area of the Health and Hospital System (44%) and Finance and Government Operations (32%). 
*Appropriation for expenditures is spending authority to County departments to make payments for staff and the acquisition of goods and services used in the provision of services and the operation, or the transfer of funds to other organizations for public purposes.  Expenditures include payments made for salaries and benefits of staff, services and supplies, interest charges on debt incurred by the County, grants to other organizations, equipment, and facility improvements. Net Expenditure takes into account cost reimbursement from other budget units within the same fund.  Use of net expenditures avoids double counting of these costs.


The County is proud of our diverse workforce, consisting of 22,462 positions.  Of these, 48% of the positions are in the Health and Hospital System, 17% of the positions are in Public Safety and Justice, and 17% of the positions are in Finance and Government Operations.   
*Positions represent authorized jobs to be filled by County departments, each with specific duties and responsibilities that require the services of employees.  Position allocations are used for budgeting salaries and benefits.  They can be full-time or part-time and are measured on a full-time equivalent (FTE) basis.