Fiscal Year 2021-22 Adopted Budget

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced unprecedented changes in the way we live, work and play. It has put enormous pressure on all levels of government to restrict many social activities-the core of the community's existence-in the name of saving lives by trying to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. Santa Clara County has been on the cutting edge of implementing actions that have had the effect of reducing the impact of the pandemic in our communities. There has clearly been a price to pay for these decisions, but the County firmly believes that our actions have saved lives and will be viewed positively as we emerge from this crisis. The FY 2022 Adopted Budget is presented with hope for a new and better future for the County of Santa Clara and our community.
As we predicted in last year's budget message, the Federal administration has struggled to understand the economic and financial impacts of the pandemic. At this point in the process we can say with confidence that the actual outcomes are far different than we initially projected. Unlike previous recessions, the pandemic induced recession was relatively brief and affected far fewer sectors of the economy than other recessions. In addition, the response of the Federal government in providing financial aid to state and local governments has made a difference. The cash payments made to our residents has allowed several sectors of the economy to escape significant impacts. In the end, the significant deficits projected at both the state and county levels have not materialized. At the same time, the difficult actions taken by the Board over the last twelve months has created sufficient flexibility to avoid additional reductions at this time. In fact, the FY 2022 Adopted Budget allows the County to begin the process of determining how we can operate more effectively in a post-COVID world.
Our Financial Strategy Moving Forward
In developing our budget for FY 2021-2022, we face significant uncertainty and many potential pitfalls. How the pandemic will impact us moving forward continues to be unclear, but we are optimistic the worst is behind us. This optimism is balanced by some of the bitter realities that the pandemic has uncovered. Real issues that we must address now.
The pandemic, and associated national political environment, highlighted the disparity, racism, and implicit bias that has been “baked into" our society for many years. We must also recognize the extent to which inequity and disparity is built into our core operational systems and what it will take to address these issues. As we build a post-COVID world, we must set our sights upon a better world than before, not merely a recovery. All residents have the right to expect more from society than they had before.
There are a variety of questions regarding the economic, social, and physical damage done to portions of the population that we know about now. There are other questions that will surely come to light later. As problems, solutions, questions, and answers are discovered, the County will play a critical role as we always have done. The services that we provide will change, but they will always be necessary to hold the fabric of society together.
On June 17, 2021, the Board of Supervisors approved the FY 21-22 Adopted Budget.  For more information, please visit FY 21-22 Adopted Budget.


For the FY 21-22 Adopted Budget, the County anticipates $8.69 billion in revenues.  Of these, the majority are within the Health and Hospital System (45%) and Finance and Government Operations (35%). 
*Revenue is the estimated amount of money the County earns and receives that can be used for the provisions of services.  It consists of residential and commercial property taxes, Federal and State aid, fees collected for services provided and other sources.


For the FY 21-22 Adopted Budget, the County anticipates $9.2 billion in net expenditures.  The majority of expenditures are in the area of the Health and Hospital System (46%) and Finance and Government Operations (27%). 
*Appropriation for expenditures is spending authority to the County departments to make payments for staff and the acquisition of goods and services used in the provision of services and the operation, or the transfer of funds to other organizations for public purposes.  Expenditures include payments made for salaries and benefits of staff, services and supplies, interest charges on debt incurred by the County, grants to other organizations, equipment, and facility improvements. Net Expenditure takes into account cost reimbursement from other budget units within the same fund.  Use of net expenditures avoids double counting of these costs.


The County is proud of our diverse workforce, consisting of 20,578 positions.  Of these, 47% of the positions are in the Health and Hospital System, 18% of the positions are in Public Safety and Justice, and 17% of the positions are in Finance and Government Operations.   
*Positions represent authorized jobs to be filled by County departments, each with specific duties and responsibilities that require the services of employees.  Position allocations are used for budgeting salaries and benefits.  They can be full-time or part-time and are measured on a full-time equivalent (FTE) basis.
Below is an interactive dashboard where residents can view revenues, expenditures, and positions by budget unit, board policy area, and fund level for FY 21-22 Adopted Budget.  To view the FY 21-22 Recommended Budget or previous fiscal year, go to "Budget Cycle" and select the cycle.