Alter Muriel Wright for Behavioral Health Services Department

298 Bernal Road, San Jose, 95119
The Muriel Wright Campus was originally designed and used as a minimum-security detention and rehabilitation facility. The County is changing the use of the facility to provide residential behavioral health and substance abuse counseling, for both patients from the community and inmates upon their release. 
In May 2015 a building assessment for the Muriel Wright facility was completed that identified the changes to the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems needed for its new intended purpose, along with any required ADA-mandated upgrades. The Facilities and Fleet Department and their architectural-engineering consultant worked with both Health and Hospital Mental Health and Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation staff to review the existing floor space and make necessary modifications. 
Services are provided in normalized living settings integrated into residential communities. The services follow a social rehabilitation model that integrates aspects of emergency psychiatric care, psychosocial rehabilitation, milieu therapy, case management, and practical social work. 15 mental health crisis residential treatment beds and 30 substance use residential treatment beds will provide an alternative to acute psychiatric hospital services for adults in the criminal justice system who would otherwise require hospitalization. 
These services support the Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System’s Strategic Roadmap principles by providing substance use treatment and crisis residential services to improve client experience and outcomes.