The County of Santa Clara: 
A Service-Oriented Workforce


The County of Santa Clara is proud to serve the members of our community by providing services that increase the quality of life for those living here. Our dedicated employees are at the core of our organization's mission and operations, and play an integral role in providing high-quality, essential public services, such as: medical & behavioral health care, public health protection, quality food assurance, environmental protection, child and adult protection services, need-based assistance, homelessness treatment and prevention, park services, access to libraries, efficient emergency/crisis response, access to a fair criminal justice system, and more. 

Vital Services

80% of County employees are dedicated to providing vital services in three main categories: Health, Safety, and Social Services. As the population and demographics of the County grows and changes, our County workforce also adapts to better serve the needs of the community. Over the past 10 years, the number of employees dedicated to providing health services increased by nearly 45% to help fulfill the growing need.  
Health Services: The County is dedicated to promoting and protecting the community's health through comprehensive care, including the operation of three hospitals and a robust public health system designed to ensure an environment in which all members of our community can thrive both physically and mentally.
Safety Services: County safety service employees are dedicated to the preservation of public safety and provide vital services that ensure our community remains a safe place to live and work. 
Social Services: County social service employees are dedicated to providing resources and opportunities in a culturally responsive manner to enhance the quality of life in our community by protecting, educating and empowering individuals and families. Services provided include financial and food assistance, in-home care, foster youth services, adoption services, adult and child protective services, and more.

Diverse Workforce

As the most populous county in Northern California, Santa Clara County is home to a number of booming businesses and thriving communities. Santa Clara County is made up of nearly 2 million people, all of whom represent a highly diverse set of cultures and backgrounds, and come together seamlessly to create a vibrant, welcoming community. 

Much like the communities it serves, the County of Santa Clara's workforce is also highly diverse, with an ethnic distribution that closely approximates that of the county as a whole.  Additionally, the County's workforce is widely distributed across age groups, with employees ranging from age 18 to 80. This wide range provides the County with diverse perspectives and allows for better representation across the many generations we serve. 

The County's diverse workforce is a product of intention, derived from the Board of Supervisors' Policy on Diversity.
We believe that a diverse workforce provides advantages both internally, in terms of the human resources potential offered by a variety of diverse perspectives, and externally, in increasing the County's ability to respond to an equally diverse community.
-- Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, Policy on Diversity